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Five Acres High School

Acceptable Use Policy

Five Acres High School is highly committed to providing students with a quality educational experience in all areas of the curriculum, including information technology. Our investment in computer software and equipment is substantial. In order to protect this investment and provide the best education possible, all students using computers agree to the following conditions of use.

Computer rules

  • I will handle all of the computer equipment carefully and responsibly.
  • I will report any damage of equipment to the teacher.
  • I will not use any disks, DVDs or CDs in the school equipment without express permission of the teacher.
  • I will not connect any hardware, including memory sticks, to the school equipment without the express permission of the teacher.

Internet rules

  • I will only use the Internet when supervised by a teacher or adult.
  • I will not enter any chat rooms.
  • I will not send anyone my picture without permission from my teacher/parent/carer.
  • I will not give my password to anyone else and I will always log off when I have finished using the computer.
  • I will never respond to unpleasant, suggestive or bullying e-mails or information on social networks, and I will report any such images I find to my teacher.
  • I will not look for bad language or distasteful images while I am online and I will report any such images I find to my teacher.
  • I realise that my teacher and the Internet Service Provider will check the sites I have visited.
  • I understand that I can only access sites and material relevant to my school work unless otherwise told by my teacher.
  • I understand that the contents of my e-mail messages will be monitored by the school.
  • I may not download software from the Internet (including screen savers, games, video clips, audio clips, and exe. files).
  • I will not use e-mail to send or encourage material which is pornographic, illegal, offensive or annoying or invades another person’s privacy.
  • I will not engage in any activity for profit on the school equipment.
  • I will not eat or drink in ICT rooms