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Five Acres High School

Behaviour & Welfare


Our aim is to ensure that every one of our students leaves the school with the highest possible academic success. To support this aim and to ensure that each lesson is fulfilling and productive for every student, several of our policies have been rewritten in order to ensure a disruption-free learning environment. The implementation of these policies will allow students to get the most from every lesson and for every teacher to be free to focus on teaching and learning. The partnership between the student, the parent/carer and the school is key with regard to the academic success of our students.

Student Welfare/Bullying

All members of the school community have the right to learn and work free from intimidation and fear. All bullying the school is made aware of will be investigated thoroughly and action taken. The action taken will be decided by the school in consultation with those affected and parents/carers of the affected including victims and, where appropriate, with the bully/bullies and parents/carers of the bully/bullies. Parents/carers of all those directly involved will be informed or consulted by the school.


At Five Acres High School, we believe that learning is the most important reason for being in school and the opportunity to learn must be protected at all times. A suspension from school may therefore be necessary in order to protect the learning opportunity of others. Any decision to suspend for either a fixed term or, in rare cases, permanently, is not taken lightly. Reasonable adjustments are considered before a Child In Care or a child with an EHCP receives a suspension. The DSL/designated teachers are consulted, and their advice is sought before a decision is taken.

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