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Five Acres High School

Ethos & Values

Our student values

We strive to ensure students leave Five Acres High School as confident, ambitious and high-achieving individuals.

We clearly communicate and embed our values - Ambition, Confidence, Creativity, Respect, and Determination, so that we can further develop high standards of integrity, discipline and self-belief.

We insist that our students wear their uniform with pride, that their behaviour is exceptional and that they are excellent ambassadors for Five Acres High School in the local community and beyond.


We are ambitious for ourselves and each other; in our own learning, for our futures and for our community. We are resilient and are constantly striving to achieve our goals. We try hard at every task we find difficult as we know this will ultimately lead to learning. We challenge each other when we hear 'I can't' or 'I am unable to'. We instead say 'We can' and 'We will'.


We are confident in our actions and in ourselves, able to speak assuredly, act decisively and think independently yet without arrogance or vanity. We believe in each other and ourselves, rising to challenges, committing to being the very best we can be and striving to achieve it. 


We are creative in our approach to life inside and outside the classroom. When faced with barriers or uncertainty, creativity allows us to perceive our environment in different ways and make connections between our knowledge to generate innovative solutions. Being creative forces us out of the 'ordinary' and helps us to build an individual identity that's inclusive and welcoming to others. 


We respect ourselves by always doing our best, treating others fairly, displaying good manners and understanding different views. We are proud to represent our school. We challenge discrimination, name calling and the use of disrespectful actions and language. We refuse to disrupt others or prevent them from being awesome. 


We are determined to be the best 'me' we can be every single day. We will show the highest levels of effort and resilience in all tasks, and we will take full responsibility for any outcomes as we seek out the highest of rewards. We will do everything we can to ensure everyone else can be successful by maintaining the highest standards of behaviour at all times.