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Five Acres High School

Important Information

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Equipment Information

All students are expected to carry their everyday equipment (PE kit, pencil case, books, etc) in a bag of suitable size. Handbags and boot bags are not suitable for everyday use.

Every student is expected to bring with him/her the following basic items of equipment for every lesson, every day:

  • 30cm ruler
  • Pencil
  • Black or blue pen
  • Green pen
  • Eraser
  • Sharpener
  • 360 protractor
  • Calculator

All kept in a clear pencil case for easy inspection. The list above, including clear pencil case, can be purchased from Reception or student-run school shops for £2.50 minus the calculator.

Tippex / liquid paper is not permitted in school and must not be used in any school work.

Textbooks and specialist equipment will be issued on loan to students and students will be required to pay for any loss or damage to school property.

Please be aware that if a student’s uniform, appearance or equipment does not meet the school expectations, as outlined above, they will remain in the Alternative Provision

PE Kit Information

Outdoor lessons needed by all students in Key Stage 3 and 4; boys and girls

  • Five Acres-branded polo shirt (available from school uniform supplier)
  • Five Acres-branded shorts or skort (available from school uniform supplier)
  • Plain black long football/rugby-style socks
  • Shin pads (compulsory for hockey and football lessons)
  • Studded/bladed football boots for us on grass (not astro-turf trainers)
  • Trainers suitable for sporting activities that can be laced up tightly (not plimsolls or daps)
  • Towels optional if students wish to shower during the winter term after outdoor lessons

Optional items (available from school uniform supplier)

  • Five Acres-branded long-sleeved multi-sport top
  • Five Acres-branded full zip (girls) and quarter-zip jackets
  • Five Acres-branded leggings
  • Five Acres-branded tracksuit bottoms

Indoor lessons needed by all students in Key Stage 3 and 4; boys and girls

  • Five Acres-branded polo shirt
  • Five Acres-branded shorts or skort
  • Plain black long football/rugby-style socks

During inclement weather

  • Five Acres-branded tracksuit bottoms and leggings can be worn at the teacher’s discretion, although students should still bring shorts/skort in case the lesson is transferred indoors.
  • Base layer clothing may be worn underneath the Five Acres High School PE kit providing that it is plain black.

Students who are unable to take a fully active role

Students who are injured or ill, but are able to come into school, should bring a note explaining their injury or illness and state the expected duration of the injury/illness. They will also need to bring their normal PE kit, because where possible they will be given another practical role to fulfil (coach, official, leader, photographer etc), which will involve them going with their normal class. In the past, students have gone outside in their school uniform and got wet, for example, which can impact the rest of their day’s learning.

Students who are unable to change due to a cast or sling are advised to bring a coat or change of footwear as a minimum precaution.

Students who have a prolonged period of absence (more than two weeks) will need a doctor’s note. If medical intervention has occurred the school also requires a note (from home) to say that a student can recommence participation.

Uniform Information


The only jewellery that is acceptable is a wristwatch and one pair of small plain gold or silver stud earrings, worn in the ear lobe. No piercings or piercing retainers are permitted, even if clear.


No extreme hairstyles. All students with long hair must tie it back for PE, Technology and Science lessons.


Nail polish and false nails are not permitted.


No make-up of any kind should be worn by students.


Aerosols of any kind are not permitted in school.

For all students the uniform is:

  • A school blazer and school tie
  • Plain white work-style shirt of blouse long or short-sleeved
  • Either tailored black trousers, or the school skirt (only the skirt approved by the school and provided by our uniform supplier). Trousers should be plain black and tailored. No “fashion” extremes will be tolerated (tight, stretchy, low rise, chinos, jeans, drainpipe, Miss Sixty, linen, leggings or cropped).
  • Plain black shoes these should be of a material that can be polished. No canvas shoes, suede shoes or trainers.
  • A v-necked jumper can be purchased from our uniform suppliers. This is optional and can be worn under the blazer, but not instead of the blazer.
  • Plain black socks. Tights should be plain black and not patterned.
  • During cold/wet weather, students are encouraged to wear an outside, waterproof coat for the journey to and from school and during break and lunchtime. Please note that denim / leather jackets and hoodies are not permitted.
  • A school bag of suitable size to carry all books and equipment (handbags and bootbags are not suitable for everyday use).

Uniform can be purchased from:

Address: Monkhouse Schoolwear, 99 Northgate Street, Gloucester, GL1 2AA
Store opening hours: 9am-5pm Mondays to Saturdays
Online at:

Orders placed online can be delivered to a home or business address for a small fee. Alternatively, if an order is placed by 12pm on Wednesdays, they can be delivered to school to arrive on Fridays, free of charge during term time only.

Uniform standards will be strictly adhered to and will be required at all times, both to and from school. If you are in any doubt about the suitability of your child’s trousers or shoes, please check with the school. If you are buying new items, please keep the receipt.

Expectation in Lessons

In order to remain in lessons, students will have one simple choice, either to be in class working hard and progressing with their learning or to choose to be removed from their peers for a period of one working day this will mean that the learning of others is not disrupted.

Students are expected to:

  • Line up quietly outside the classroom at the start of the lesson
  • Enter, stand silently behind their desks and be seated when invited to by the member of staff leading the lesson
  • Sit silently whilst the register is taken
  • Listen in silence whilst the member of staff leading the lesson speaks
  • Raise their hand to ask a question without calling out
  • Engage positively in all lessons by working exceptionally hard without disrupting other students’ learning

Students who fail to meet these expectations will receive one warning, the second time during a lesson that a student fails to meet these expectations they will be sent to APSC for a period of one working day (see full behaviour policy for details).

Mobile Communication Devices (Phones/Tablets) and Headphones

Your child is allowed to have a phone, tablet or headphones for the journey to and from school, however, they need to remain in their bags at all times during the school day.

If a phone/tablet or headphones are seen during lesson time or around school, they will be confiscated and parents/carers will be asked to collect them from the school reception at the end of the day. Refusing to follow this process will result in a student spending one working day in APSC.

Please be aware this is a short summary full details and clarification is provided by the Five Acres High School Behaviour Policy together with the Uniform and Equipment list.