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Five Acres High School


Students across our trust have been producing fantastic work in History lessons. This is your chance show off how much you’ve learnt by answering your year group’s essay question below:

YEAR 7 How did religious belief change England under the Tudors and Charles I?

YEAR 8 How has Britain changed since 1945?

YEAR 9 What was the most severe problem facing Germany between 1918 and 1924?

To write a great essay, you should:

• Structure your answer in paragraphs

• Include information from your online lessons and your own research

• Reach a conclusion

*PRIZE* The author of the best essay in each year group will win £30 in amazon vouchers! 

The deadline for submissions is Monday 1st June and you should send your essay, or a photograph of it if you have written it by hand, to

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