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Five Acres High School

Retail Business

Retail businesses operate in a changing, global environment where enterprise and innovation are key to successfully competing in changing local, national and international markets. The students will learn about the issues faced by retailers in today's highly competitive market. Our students will gain knowledge of the retails sector and how its retailers organise their businesses to respond to change. 

Our vision is that students will learn about the principles of customer service and how retailers use these to set the standards that are at the heart of the customer experience. 

Students will develop research skills so that they can investigate the quality of the customer experience across different retailers, analysing and presenting their findings, and they will explore and gain an understanding of how customer service affects the behaviour of both customers and employees. 

Students will also learn how retailers prepare for changes by re-organising their operations. Students will learn about the everyday activities of a retailer and how different retailers organise these activities giving them a deep understanding of the retails environment and the roles and responsibilities of those that are employed within this industry.