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Five Acres High School


Students will be shown a deep understanding of the contextual influences of a variety of historical and contemporary photographers and artists and how their work has been used to represent a wide range of messages. Students will understand and be able to use the technical properties of a camera to produce personal and meaningful imagery taking inspiration from the artists and photographers studied. They will understand the ways in which meanings, ideas and intentions can be communicated through the use of figurative and non-figurative forms, image manipulation, close up and imaginative interpretation as well as through visual and tactile elements such as: colour, line, form, tone, texture, shape, pattern, composition, scale, sequence, surface and contrast.

Our students will use their creative skills alongside their engagement in a range of discourse to understand that Photography can not only be a way to capture a moment in time but can be used as a vehicle for social, cultural and political change. Students will develop their critical understanding of existing artwork and will approach this, and their own work, with a discriminatory lens to ensure that their work is refined and demonstrates a clear link between intention and outcome.