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Five Acres High School


Students who experience our Music curriculum engage both practically and theoretically with Music through topics such as Minimalism, World and Folk Music, Keyboard and Performance Skills. Through doing so, students will develop a range of personal and professional skills throughout KS3, which can be beneficial both in and outside the music classroom, building confidence, communication skills, creativity and imagination. 

Alongside this, students will encounter a variety of well-known composers and world-class practitioners, studying their respected styles of composition and performance, which will inform students' creative decisions and prepare them for KS4 and beyond.

Studying Music opens doors to not only various careers within the music industry itself, such as producing, performing, sound engineering, radio DJing, teaching, Music therapy, to name a few. 

In KS4, our students follow the Pearson BTec Tech Award Level 1/2 in Music Practice, which allows them to deepen their subject knowledge on specific styles and elements of Music, concentrating on the personal and professional skills needed for the specialisms of performance, composition and production. Students will experience both practical and theoretical lessons, which encourage them to analyse and evaluate their own creativity and performance skills, as well as those of their peers. Students are given exciting opportunities to continue, or take up, instrumental and vocal lessons with tutors who are experts in their field, and participate in workshops both in class and with professionals in the industry.