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Five Acres High School


At Five Acres High School, the curriculum for Economics is centred around the AQA specification for GCSE Economics (as Economics is offered as a GCSE option from Y10). Across these years, students will explore two overarching fields of Economic theory: 'how markets work' and 'how the economy works'. In the former, students will explore the role of economic agents; the different economic sectors; the advantages and disadvantages of specialisation; the division of labour; the demand and supply of goods and services; the functionality of markets, prices and costs. In the second, students will develop knowledge and understanding of investment; interest-rates; inflation; government spending; government objectives and policies; economic growth; employment and unemployment; globalisation; exchange rates and international trade. 

The vision for the Economics curriculum will enable students to develop knowledge and understanding of how economies operate in micro contexts (within businesses, firms and organisations) and macro contexts (within and between countries). It will equip students with the skills to analyse and evaluate qualitative and quantitative sources and data, which are invaluable skills for academic success, employability, adulthood and being a responsible global citizen.

In addition to developing sound literacy and numeracy skills, the curriculum will also strengthen students' financial literacy and cross-curricular knowledge, enabling them to identify, explain and evaluate how economic contexts influence and connect with other academic disciplines such as English, Geography and History. Such knowledge and understanding will enable learners to understand contemporary economic issues and engage in economic debate and activity. 

Given the scope of the curriculum and variety of skills developed, the curriculum will prepare students for a multitude of occupations, careers and professions, such as in financial services, the corporate sector and Politics.