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Five Acres High School


Drama provides students with creative experiences that they can take with them into the wider world. Studying Drama not only trains and actor for the stage and screen but also gives them opportunities to build character and confidence. Drama allows students to develop their communication skills, creativity and imagination. It allows students to experience a situation that they wouldn't usually have the opportunity to in a safe and controlled environment. Our students learn about the processes of creating drama, interpretation and intention with the vision to engage in key performance skills that will help them in both their school and personal lives. 

The KS3 curriculum allows students to engage with the subject practically and theoretically through topics such as the Black Lives Matter movement, stage combat and soap operas. Alongside this, students will also encounter a variety of well-known dramatists and practitioners, studying their respected styles of performance. These include naturalism, horror theatre, theatre of the oppressed and physical theatre. Students will also have the opportunity to practically explore Shakespeare, analysing themes and characters in a different way to how they would in an English classroom. The vision is that students will develop a range of performance skills, techniques and subject knowledge that will embed their understanding and lay foundations for KS4. 

The KS4 curriculum allows students to deepen their subject knowledge on specific styles and elements of the theatre. Students are expected to fully engage in both practical and theory lessons, which encourage them to analyse and evaluate the performance work of themselves and professional performers. The vision for our KS4 curriculum is to not only give our students the best chance of success but also to prepare them for studying Drama post-16. Not only could studying Drama give students the platform to work in TV, field or theatre, but it is also a sought-after qualification in media, journalism, teaching and many areas of the public sector.