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Five Acres High School


In Art, our vision is to guide students to discover and nurture their own identity through the appreciation and making of art. We encourage them to consider different art forms, artists and disciplines to further challenge/enhance their own perceptions and opinions. 

Art students will be able to consider and articulate aspects of art theory within their own and others work, as well as apply their knowledge of the formal elements to analyse work, both in verbal and written form. They will be able to develop ideas by analysing different contextual sources, experiment with a range of materials and techniques, record information through drawing and written annotations and finally respond to a theme by developing a final outcome that reflects upon the learning journey.

Studying art enables students to solve creative problems; a skill much desired by many employers, There are a number of colleges and sixth forms that offer tailored courses in a range of art disciplines with many leading to opportunities to develop subject specific skills at university or working within the creative industries. The UK economy benefits immensely from the diverse and expanding field of art including careers such as illustrators, graphic designers, photographers, art historians, museum and gallery creators, animators, fashion designers, art therapists and architects to name just a few. Apart from these different career paths, studying art is also hugely important in developing cultural capital, which aims to develop a student's character, promoting diversity and mental well-being.