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Five Acres High School

Technical Support

All of your work will be set on Google Classroom in your subject classes. You need to log in to Google Classroom using your school account ( and school password. If you are using a smartphone or tablet, downloading the Google Classroom app is the easiest way to access the lessons set.

How do I logon to Google Classroom? 

1. Go to and click “Go to Classroom”

2. Enter your username and click Next. This is the username that you use to log into computers in school, for example (the year you started year 7, your surname, and the first initial of your first name).

3. Enter your password and click Next. This is the password that you use to log into computers in school.

4. If there is a welcome message, read it and click Accept.

5. Click “I'm A Student”, then click “Get Started”.

If this doesn't work, or you are asked to enter a code, you may have logged into a personal account rather than your school one. This has accounted for 80% of technical support queries. To switch accounts, please click here.

If this still doesn't help, we may need to reset your password. Please email and we will be happy to help.

Completing work on Google Classroom 

Accessing the lesson:

  1. Check your timetable for the lessons you need to complete that day.
  2. Log in to Google Classroom from
  3. Click on the class that you want to complete work for (this will look like Hi-20-7B2Hi as it links with your registers. Remember the codes that are on your timetable Hi - History, Ge - Geography, En - English)
  4. Click on ‘Classwork’ at the top of the page
  5. Look for the work set.
  6. Click on the lesson clearly labelled with the date eg. Geography - Monday 20th Lesson 1

Completing the lesson:

  1. Read the clear instructions set by the teacher
  2. Click on the youtube link
  3. Important: Click open, this will open the video on youtube
  4. Scroll to the underneath of the video in the description, you should find a link to the low stakes quiz google forms, click on this
  5. Complete the low stakes quiz and submit
  6. Watch the rest of the youtube video and complete the tasks set in the google doc set
  7. Click on the link to the exit ticket (again, below the video in the comments), complete and then submit.

Evidencing your work on the google doc:

  1. On your assignment on google classroom, you should see your name with a google doc to fill in. Click on this link.
  2. You can write directly on this document.
  3. When you have completed your deliberate practice, you can exit off that tab. It will automatically save your work.
  4. Complete your exit ticket and hand in your assignment.

Evidencing your work on a smartphone or unable to use google doc (videos have been made to help you with this):

  1. Provide evidence of your work by clicking ‘+ Add or create’
  2. If work has been handwritten, attach a photo of your work by clicking ‘file’ and uploading

Marking as done:

  1. When all work has been completed and evidenced, please click ‘mark as done’
  2. If you have clicked this by accident, or feel you have extra time and want to add to your work, you can click ‘unsubmit’ at any time and carry on with your work. Just remember to submit again.

Video: Completing work on a computer 

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Video: Completing work on an iPad or iPhone 

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Where can I go for more help? 

If you don't understand the work you've been set, please contact your teacher. You can do this via Google Classroom or your school email.

If you are having technical difficulties, please email It really helps us figure out the problem if you do this from your school email.