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Five Acres High School


From their very first day in Year 7, students are immersed in a culture of reading, in a school which sees reading intrinsic to unlocking ambition, inspiring creativity, understanding the world around them and moulding students into 21st century citizens.

Every morning students are transported to far distant lands, contrasting cultures and back and forth in time, to worlds populated by a myriad of intriguing and fascinating characters through the Tutor Time Reading Programme. Sharing books in this way helps build students' own personal canon, be involved in a shared reading experience and gain insight into personal and universal issues that will only arm them better to make sense of the world around them.

The passion we instil in our students for reading and the power it gives them is harnessed and developed through daily DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) Time reading, supported by a wonderful library, which not only offers a brilliant choice of quality fiction, but is also stocked with books on the Greenshaw Canon, a diet of challenging texts to consume in order to achieve a coveted Character Education award for Determination in Literacy.

At Five Acres High School we know that reading is a life skill which unlocks the curriculum, creating a foundation for lifelong learning and nourishes the souls of our students, creating empathetic, compassionate and fully rounded young people.