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Five Acres High School


On Wednesday 13th February 11 students  from year 10 along with many of their parents attended their graduation from The Scholars Programme. These students are part of the Five Acres Brilliant Club. Back in November they attended a launch visit to Exeter College Oxford. On the visit students were able to experience what it would be like to be a student at this highly-selective university. They then had a series of weekly tutorials with a PhD tutor. The tutorials emulate the university-style learning experience and they had weekly homework assignments which built towards a final assignment, a 2000 word thesis on Poetry Today: Creativity In Context. Their assignments were marked and moderated by their tutors and graded in the university style (1st, 2:1 etc). All students passed and on Wednesday the students were invited to their graduation at Exeter University. We are so proud of their achievements as the work completed by these year 10 students was to an excellent A level standard and two students (Isaac Phelps and Amy Cooke) achieved a 1st class pass!
In addition to the year 10 group there are another 12 students in year 9 who are currently completing their tutorials on a Science based topic. This group of students attended a launch visit  University of Cardiff which is a Russell Group University. Their topic is Forensic Science - do bruises show intent? We look forward to finding out their result in the Spring term.