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Five Acres High School

Y10 Bespoke Mentoring

A group of our Year 10 students who have taken part in the Andy Lewis Bespoke Mentoring programme in partnership with GROWS had their finale at the University of Gloucestershire

During the finale the students found themselves in unfamiliar territory, having to stand up and speak in front of the group but they confidently articulated their goals, aspirations and how the programme helped them to find their purpose.

One of the teachers on the programme commented "I was particularly impressed by those who felt it was a step to far to stand up and speak. Rather than sit back and do nothing, they suggested alternative ways to express their thoughts. This to me demonstrated their desire to move forward, come out of their comfort zone and that their confidence journey one small manageable step at a time. Well done and good luck to you all. Keep up the good work and don't lose sight of your goals."

One of our students commented: "The programme helped me find a way of making my passion become part of my dream career".