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Five Acres High School

Head Student Messages

Freya Joyce

Welcome to our School
Five Acres High School is a school which is highly respected by the community that surrounds it. For me, being Head Girl makes me feel incredibly honoured as I get the chance to work alongside staff and pupils so that we can create as many opportunities for success as we possibly can. This could be success in sports, academia or even the arts.  To achieve this the student leadership team and I will work closely with the students so that we can see how they can fulfil their full potential as individuals and a whole. 

Thomas Youe

I am very proud to be a part of Five Acres High School. In our school, we work in an amazing disruption-free environment that allows every student to reach their full potential in lessons. However, we also recognise that school is not just all about the lessons. The time students spend at our school is also put towards developing their character through our Character Education program which strengthens the school's core values of ambition, creativity, determination, confidence, and respect.