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Five Acres High School

Homework Expectations

As we approach the end of the first complete fortnight back after the Summer holidays, I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of the homework expectations for this academic year.

Our homework model is designed around some tried and tested principles which favour regular repetition and interleaving through a deliberate practice model. We want every student to be successful and feel that homework plays a vital role in the process. Our students need to develop a variety of skills including time management, perseverance, resilience and determination, all of these come through independent study or homework as its commonly called. The extra knowledge or application of knowledge gained through regular homework is invaluable as these students seek to gain the grades necessary for higher quality further education or employment when they leave Five Acres High School.

Our model increases as the students’ progress through the school years, this is essential as the workload during the GCSEs is higher and our students need to be familiar with working independently outside of the normal school day to be successful during the summer of Year 11. Ideally in Years 7 and 8 students should be spending approximately 1.5 hours (4 times over 7 days) completing their reading, quizzing and Hegarty Maths. If carefully managed a student in Year 7 and 8 can comfortably complete their homework during the week and keep their weekends free for other recreational activities.       




Hegarty Maths

Seneca Science


Year 7

4 x 20 mins

4 quizzes 4 tasks X + MFL

Year 8

4 x 20 mins

4 quizzes 4 tasks



Year 9

4 x 20 mins

4 quizzes 4 tasks Complete tasks GCSE subjects

Year 10

4 x 20 mins

4 quizzes 4 tasks Complete tasks GCSE subjects

Year 11

4 x 20 mins 4 quizzes 4 tasks Complete tasks GCSE subjects

The reading and low stakes quizzing will be checked on a Friday morning during roll call; students will need to have their planners with them and show their tutors their signatures/quizzes.

The Modern foreign languages (French and Spanish) team will be setting an additional “Look/Cover/Write & Check” quiz to help students learn their new vocabulary.  This should take no more than 15-20 minutes per week and will be due in, during one of their MFL lessons which there teacher will inform them of.

For both the low stakes quizzes and MFL quizzes, students should be using their knowledge organisers to find the relevant information.

Hegarty Maths 

Hegarty Maths is due by 8am on a Friday morning, at this point the Maths team will download the Hegarty information which shows what has or has not been sufficiently completed.  Students will also need to bring their Hegarty homework booklet with them every day to show their Maths teacher.  Further information will be available on the website shortly in terms of how to use Hegarty effectively.

Seneca Science 

Seneca Science all tasks need to be completed by 8am on the following Friday morning.  More information on Seneca will be available on the website soon.

Subject specific homework at GCSE 

Subject specific homework at GCSE is set and therefore completed at different times, these deadlines are set by the teacher and shared with the students.  We are starting to use Google classrooms as a school and many tasks will be set via this platform.  As a general rule there should be no next day deadlines at GCSE level, where possible students will have a few days or even a week to complete their tasks.

As a school we do not set homework for any other purpose than to give each individual student the best possible chance of success whilst they are here. We feel strongly that our homework model works, and for this reason students who fail to meet the expectations are sanctioned with a one hour after-school detention. If for any reason there is a problem with your child’s ability to complete their homework please notify the school as soon as possible, before the deadline date.  In the first instance please ask to speak to either the subject teacher or your child’s tutor.
We currently offer study support (homework club) on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in ICT from 3:00 - 4:00 pm. Whilst in study support students will have access to a computer and the Internet (Hegarty and Seneca) and a member of staff who is available to help.  If your child wishes to take up this opportunity they simply need to just come to ICT (rooms 24-26) at 3pm and ensure they can get home at 4pm.