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Five Acres High School

Homework Changes

Changes to Homework Model - February Half Term Onwards

Rationale for making these changes:

We have listened to the feedback from parents, via the parent voice evenings and from our students, via the school council, and as a result have decided to make a couple of logistical changes to our homework model.

As with the launch of any new initiative, there are always lessons to be learnt along the way.  When necessary it is vital to make changes to ensure that end goals are still achieved and the positive impact on all involved is as high as it possibly can be.

The main changes:

We have changed the due date for the “whole school” aspects of our homework model (Accelerated Reader, Hegarty Maths and Tassomai Science) to a Friday morning (8am).  Originally, we had dispersed the due dates throughout the week, with the aim that this would make it easier for students and for us as a school to monitor.  The feedback we have received has shown this has added to some confusion and resulted in some students missing deadlines.  Moving all whole school homeworks to a Friday keeps it simple, everyone involved knows that all whole school homework will be due in and checked on the same day.

We have simplified the expectations on each of the 3 components of the whole school homework policy.