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Five Acres High School

Recommended reading lists

As you know, we are a school committed to promoting reading for pleasure. This not only makes a huge contribution to students' academic progress, it also has an enormous effect on mental health and well-being. To support the students' in their continued development of their love for reading, we have prepared books for the students to follow online, read by teachers in much the same what that they experience at Five Acres on a daily basis.

Furthermore, to support reading and the many benefits it offers, we encourage you to read with your child at home. Sharing books and stories is a unique and enriching experience, stimulating curiosity and creativity and giving you many things to talk about; it also offers release and broadens experience, travelling to different worlds and different times which is particularly poignant with the current situation we find ourselves in. To facilitate this even further, we are sending recommended reading lists of quality for your child and a link to Audible, who are currently offering free studio books for you to share at home.

Stay safe and happy travels through reading.